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Serenity [Jul. 19th, 2005|02:31 am]

If anyone out there is inspired to organise a Gold Class movie moment for Serenity, I can guarantee at least 3 probably 4 bums on seats.
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Expressions of interest [Jul. 5th, 2004|09:32 am]

In the next Gold Class viewing.

I'm thinking Hellboy and will look into it if I get some people saying Yeah!

I have to get about 20 people minimum and we can look into doing it at Bondi Junction... :)
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Been meaning to ask... [Jul. 2nd, 2004|05:58 am]

Are we all catching for drinks after Spiderman2?

Bank? Townie? Rose?
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Hit the limit [Jun. 16th, 2004|01:31 pm]

Hi guys,

I have hit my limit for Spidey with 14 people. Thanks for participating.

I will need the money BEFORE Thursday 24th June as the money comes out of my credit card on the Friday for this. I will send an email with my details.

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Hiya [Jun. 15th, 2004|12:41 pm]

I'm enquiring about booking a small number of tickets for Spidey 2 for the Gold Class... I won't try for the whole cinema so I'll have a maximum of 12 to work with.

Can you post here to let me know if you are definitely interested.

(Yes Kimba and Robbie, we will be doing a weekend session, not Thursday night)

Edit to add: The Saturday has already been vetoed so we are looking at Sunday 4th July at this stage with monies to be paid by 24th June to secure seats. Sorry, didn't realise I was organising this one late!
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Does whatever a spidey can... [May. 17th, 2004|04:48 pm]


The next suggested movie is Spiderman 2.

Does anyone else know of anything upcoming that they would like us to organise Gold Class for?

Also, could I get expressions of interest for Spidey to see if it is worth organising?
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Potter shifting to a new owner [Apr. 23rd, 2004|01:03 pm]

[mood |weary]

Due to the lack of response, I'm forgoing Harry Potter. matw had already taken over half of my booking and considering I was going to have to ask him to find more people, he is taking over the whole booking and I will just be going along as an attendee. :)

**Attn Cass and Sarah!!**

Since you guys did get back to me about confirming your places and the six tickets you had reserved between the two of you, Mat wants to know if you still want to keep them?

Can you either post a response or drop me an email and I will pass your details on to Mat so you guys can work it out and he can add you to his list.

The sooner the better as Mat is now doing the mad scramble to fill the seats he's been lumped with.

Thanks guys!
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Mister Potter [Feb. 20th, 2004|11:19 am]

[mood |chipperchipper]

Have reserved cinema for Harry Potter (reserved does not mean booked, no money yet but thanks be to those who are keen enough to offer).

Harry Potter is due for release on 10th June (subject to last minute change as always) so I reserved for the Sunday at around 1pm (vague time, don't take it as gospel) for our lovely coastal friends, plus the fact that Mac Centre is always a cockspank to get to.

Can you please let me know NOW if a Saturday session would be preferred etc.

Plus, this is one day before my birthday. :) Bonus!

matw is this okay with you?

For anyone interested, the Troy release date is 13th May.
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Magic is in the air... ah crap, I've got some in my eye! [Feb. 13th, 2004|04:19 pm]

So, because matw has said he can take responsibility for up to 10 tickets for this thing, I can actually go ahead and reserve the cinema for Harry Potter.


I've had second thoughts about Troy, only because it's around the same time and I don't want to do two things of these at once. Since this was the least popular, I will be dropping it.

So, Harry Potter is a go.

I will update when I am able to confirm dates etc.
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And... [Feb. 11th, 2004|01:49 pm]

Those interested in TroyCollapse )
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